We are happy to provide free advertising to any Memphis company that is interested in offering free giveaways to customers who post promotional messages on social media. We charge no fees of any kind.

What You Offer

You can offer anything you wish, as long as it's free!

Things like free drinks or meals, if you are a coffee shop or cafe/restaurant. Tourist attractions can offer free admission and hotels can offer a free nights accommodation. Obviously, it depends on the business you are in.

You are welcome to attach any terms and conditions to your free offer, so that it makes sound business sense. For example, if you are a hotel offering a free room, you could restrict it to same day bookings only, and subject to availability, so that you are only giving away a free room that would have been empty anyway.

What You Receive

In return for your free offer, customers would be asked to post messages or videos on sites such as Facebook or YouTube that promote your company to their friends and followers. This will result in a large number of visitors to your website and is a great way to generate new customers from personal referrals.

Surveys show that the number one reason for users to interact with a company or brand on social media is if some kind of special offer is being promoted. This is followed closely by personal recommendation, as people are clearly more likely to engage with a product or service if a friend has posted a positive experience about it.

A successful social media campaign should therefore combine both of these elements, and it's the reason that our offer is structured how it is.

Company Listing

You will also receive a listing for your company on that will help to promote your free offer to the wider Memphis community. The listing will include a link to the offer page on your own website, so that people can read the full details of how to claim and any associated terms and conditions.

There is no charge for your company listing, as long as your free offer is promoted jointly with and you instruct your customers to include a link to us in their promotional posts. Please see "How it Works" below.

How it Works

Simply advertise the special offer by setting up a dedicated page on your own website and also advertise the offer on your premises. It should be stated that you are running the offer jointly with

You should tell customers that to claim your free offer they have to make a post on social media that promotes your company and also includes two links - one to your website and one to

Please also include the full terms and condtion

We will then create a company listing for you on which will link to the offer page on your own website, so that people can find out the full terms and conditions.

Obviously, if it is a small giveaway like a cup of coffee

Offer Terms

The offer page on your website should contain the following key information ...

  • A contact email address for the person in your company who is managing the offer.
  • Tell people if they need to contact you BEFORE posting a message. This would be necessary if you wanted to approve the content of people's messages before it went online.
  • Clear instructions that any message or video posted on social media must include a link to your website and, otherwise they will not qualify to be considered for the offer.
  • Also instructions that any post should contain legally required disclosures, such as "sponsored" or "ad" hashtags. Sites such as Facebook and Youtube also require people to make posts like this as "Branded Content". If people don't comply with these terms, their post can be removed by the social network.
  • How much is earned for each new client account that is generated. The minimum is $10 per new account, but you are welcome to offer more than this, to increase the amount of interest in your offer. If you already have an existing referral scheme, you will probably wish to make payments the same as that. You also have the option of offering a fixed fee.
  • If there is a cap on the maximum amount that can be earned.
  • The different payment methods that are available.

Your offer will be jointly promoted on free of charge. Rest assured that we don't get involved in the day to day operation of your campaign, we simply provide additional advertising for you.

Your listing on will contain a description of your offer and a link to the offer page on your own website, so that people can find out more details.

The campaign is structured in such a way that the cost per acquisition (CPA) for each new account will almost certainly be lower than conventional advertising channels, making it an extremely cost effective way to increase your client base.

Social Media Marketing


Pet insurance is also perfectly suited to this kind of marketing, as cute posts about cats and dogs are probably the number one most likely posts to go viral and generate huge website traffic.

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